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February 2015

Tracy Cranley

Curled up in a chair on our fifth snow day in two weeks, I was feeling inspired to write my first newsletter of the year -- it’s been a while, I know. The past couple months have been filled with holidays, family travel, two buying trips, a major Super Bowl win (go Pats!), a blizzard and lots and lots of SNOW. These past couple of snowstorms have been pretty brutal if you’re living in New England -- "The Shining", “buried” and “enough, already" hardly begin to describe how we feel! Let’s focus on the warmer season ahead (spring apparel is starting to arrive, so it can’t be too far away!) and in the meantime, grab a nice cup of tea, a cozy blanket and a good book (or cookbook!) and cozy up!

For me, much of January was spent in the Atlanta and New York showrooms. I love attending the shows and coming back with lots of new items -- this year did not disappoint. I got to meet so many artists -- new and old, including Curly Girl designer, Leigh Standley, Alexandra Ferguson, Zoe Zilian from Farmhouse Pottery (who, by the way, will be headed our way in March to do a trunk show!) and so many more great innovators. Check out our new items on Facebook, Instagram and in the store over the next few months -- we hope you’ll be as smitten as we are. For those fans of Good Charma, creator Pamela Fink will be joining us for a trunk show next month as well -- stay posted on Facebook for details!

October 2014

Tracy Cranley

Fall is fully under way and the weather is getting much cooler! It's a good thing the store is fully stocked to keep you warm on those chilly nights ahead! If you haven’t taken a look at our apparel, you need to do so now -- we are fully stocked with gorgeous sweaters and even some holiday tops and dresses! We just received a big shipment of fluffy, warm Barefoot Dreams blankets and Faceplant Dreams slippers. If it’s scarves you need to keep you warm, we have lots of those as well from Wooden Ships, Chan Luu and my new fave, Grisal -- these 100% cashmere scarves are the creme de la creme of cashmere.

Our tabletop and gift departments are growing every day with new arrivals. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and now is a great time to stock up on linens, tabletop decor and hostess gifts. Did you know that we are now carrying Wasik’s gift cards? Pair one with one of our cheeseboards or spreaders.

Finally, just a reminder -- come meet one of our favorite pillow designers, Alexandra Ferguson this Saturday during our trunk show. She will be in from Brooklyn and at the store from 11am - 2pm and we will be serving cheese and sparkling cider as well.